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What kind of people are we?

We focus on how work really gets done, not just ideas about how it should get done.

We are a team of people who have been working in the software industry throughout our professional lives. We have experienced the rise of great software products from their initial idea to the final application, but we have also seen things go wrong and products break or become irrelevant. We have been part of exciting teams that brought new products to life, we know what it feels like to demo a new release to a critical customer, we have had to take responsibility for customers’ crises because of a software failure, have discussed new customer requirements and designed new features or systems to fulfill their needs. We have learned to understand and read different markets and how to place and launch products successfully even in challenging environments. We have driven company strategy decisions, implemented product lifecycle processes, hired great people and managed them in teams around the globe. In short: We know how life in a software company feels.

What do we stand for?

It´s all about the people.

We are team players and enjoy working as a team.
We treat each other with respect and openness.
We are globally oriented and work with clients and partners around the world.
We constantly challenge ourselves to stay on the leading edge of what we do.

Top reasons to join Productwings

We constantly challenge ourselves to stay on the leading edge in what we do.

Work in a network of highly experiences subject-matter experts in the software business.
Productwings's focuses on constantly developing its people.
Work directly with our clients - the top-notch software companies around the globe.
We believe that the effort of every single individual directly impacts the success of Productwings.
Great minds - one team.

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