What We Do

We use our experience, strategic problem-solving and innovative thinking to help our clients shape strategy, develop great software and market it successfully.

Strategy and market

Productwings - What We Do: Strategy and Market
  • Develop and optimize product strategy
  • Find opportunities for new growth
  • Enhance innovation capabilities

Change management

Productwings - What We Do: Change Management
  • Drive and execute organizational and structural change
  • Build and manage teams
  • Streamline processes and improve communication and collaboration

Project guidance

Productwings - What We Do: Project Guidance
  • Enable projects to pick up pace through active participation of subject-matter experts
  • Supervise and consult in particular project phases
  • Integrate latest methodology and technology know-how

Portfolio - Product Lifecycle

product life cycle in product wings. it starts with product management with product strategy and business analysis. followed by research and development with architecture and design, and development. finished with delivery with quality assurance, deployment management and release and rollout.

Product Strategy

Product strategy should be seen as a core asset of your business. You must constantly adapt your portfolio to achieve or sustain a competitive advantage and address the evolution of the market. Productwings acts as an active counterpart along your strategy development process to find opportunities for new growth and enhance your innovation capabilities.

Business Analysis

Understanding your customers’ needs, verifying them against the product strategy and handing them over to development properly are the three key disciplines of business analysis. Productwings helps you to manage the requirements, assign the business value and rank them accordingly as a basis for an efficient planning and execution roadmap.

Architecture and Design

A structured specification that can cope with the agility of the requirements and translates them into user stories for the developers is the foundation for a solid product engineering process. Together with sound technology decisions and a consistent architecture design, it provides the basis for a successful product that is future-proof in terms of extensibility and maintainability. Productwings can help you with its expertise even with the most complex, highly distributed application architectures in heterogeneous environments.


The evolution of the market and changing requirements force development organizations to constantly adopt their processes and implement proper methodologies for specific projects. Staffing teams accordingly and combining the right skills adds another dimension of complexity. Productwings has a deep understanding of development approaches and engineering practices to support you in all aspects related to collaboration models, sourcing and shoring.

Quality Assurance

Quality is a strategic decision, and thus, the definition of quality goals and how they can be reached and measured is key. Productwings covers all aspects of quality management starting with quality goals and test-driven design and continuing all the way through to final testing.

Deployment Management

With software delivery being understood as getting the product to the end customer as well as to any kind of stakeholder internally and externally, continuous delivery and automated deployment are becoming more and more important. Together with cloud patterns being introduced in many enterprises and the increasing spread of DevOps, deployment management is at the core of a positive product experience. Productwings serves as your trusted partner in creating the best possible deployment strategy for your products.

Release and Rollout

This category in the software product lifecycle builds the bridge from the technical aspects to visibility on the market. It covers all procedures and activities required for successfully launching a product on the market, such as release policy and planning, rollout mechanisms and communication – both internally and externally. Productwings helps you to pick the right approach to finally deliver the product internally for operations as well as to your end customers and to successfully bring it in sync with your go-to-market strategy.

Go to Market

The successful launch of a product is the final step in the product lifecycle. Nevertheless, it requires a solid understanding of the market and a clear picture regarding the target customers and the value proposition of the final product in the very beginning. Productwings supports you in this step with its market expertise and in-depth know-how in product marketing and sales enablement.

Our Offering for...

Company / Business Owner

  • Act as sparring partner for new ideas
  • Strategy development
  • Go2Market initiatives / internationalization

Product Manager

  • Product Positioning
  • Product Definition
  • Pricing, Licensing and Delivery Strategies

Product Owner

  • Define and structure customer & market needs
  • Establish requirements engineering within your product lifecycle

Head of Software Development

  • End2End transparency
  • Processes, Methods, Architecture
  • Customize development methods to your needs

We are...

Vincent Stüger
“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
(John Maeda)

Vincent Stüger

Managing Partner


Martin Salzl
“Requirements engineering can be done in an ivory tower or you can go out and ask people what they really need.”

Martin Salzl


Hannes Kieberger
“Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.”
(Ralph Johnson)

Hannes Kieberger


Bernhard Burger
“Quality is not negotiable.”

Bernhard Burger


Our extended network

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Our approach

Productwings - What We Do

It’s all about the people

Our aim is to find the bits and pieces that make your product successful – the ones that can’t be found in any agile manifesto or other core principles of software development. Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s all about the people and that you have to understand people’s needs, the culture and their history.

Before we act we need to understand. To understand we need to listen.

Productwings’ approach is to get a deep understanding of our customers’ environment. Only by gathering and structuring all of the available information can we gain the necessary insight and knowledge that allow us to add value to an organization. In collaboration with our customers’ experts, we can then establish new structures and processes, always letting them take ownership. In the long run, Productwings acts as a coach, active counterpart and strategic advisor to constantly fine-tune our customers’ setup to ensure sustainable results and success.

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