What We Do

We use our experience, strategic problem-solving and innovative thinking to help our clients shape strategy, develop great software and market it successfully.

Strategy and market

Productwings - What We Do: Strategy and Market
  • How does your strategy show up in daily business and decision making?
  • Is your product strategy defined by you or your customers?
  • How do you measure the successful implementation of your strategy?


Productwings - What We Do: Change Management
  • How do the strengths and weaknesses of your organization show in daily business?
  • What is the influence of your organizational structure on your Software products?
  • Are you looking for additional resources while actually being short on the right skillsets?

Cost & Efficiency

Productwings - What We Do: Project Guidance
  • Which bottlenecks in your organization cause the biggest delays and cost?
  • Do you develop your software products using mature processes or do you rely on heroes?
  • How are your processes influencing innovation, creativity and individual responsibility?


Product Management

Roles and Responsibilities – Organizaiton and Interfaces – Market and Roadmap – Business Analysis and Requirements Management – Business Justification

Product Strategy

Product Portfolio – Revenue Models – License and Delivery Models – Make-Buy-Partner Decisions and Sourcing – Technology Strategy – Go-to-market

Organization @ Scale

Organizational Setup and Change – Process Design and Change – Models and Methods – New Roles and Responsibilities – Agile @ Scale

Distributed Teams

Organizational Structures – Culture and Communication – Distributed Teams and their Management – Technical Product Capabilities – Distributed Agile Organization

Change Management

Development of Change Visions – Stakeholder Analysis – Change Necessity – Change Guidance and Interventions – Development and Transformation to new Methods, Models and Structures

Project to Product

Organization and Process Changes – Role and Resposibility Changes – Product Strategy – Change Management

Software Quality

Requirements Engineering – Development Processes – Quality Processes and Organization – Quality and Agility – Continuous Quality


Innovation Culture – Innovation Workshops – Creativity Techniques and Innovation Support

Our Offering for...

Company / Business Owner

  • Act as sparring partner for new ideas
  • Strategy development
  • Go2Market initiatives / internationalization

Product Manager

  • Product Positioning
  • Product Definition
  • Pricing, Licensing and Delivery Strategies

Product Owner

  • Define and structure customer & market needs
  • Establish requirements engineering within your product lifecycle

Head of Software Development

  • End2End transparency
  • Processes, Methods, Architecture
  • Customize development methods to your needs

We are...

Vincent Stüger
“Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”
(John Maeda)

Vincent Stüger

Managing Partner


Martin Salzl
“Requirements engineering can be done in an ivory tower or you can go out and ask people what they really need.”

Martin Salzl


Hannes Kieberger
“Before software can be reusable it first has to be usable.”
(Ralph Johnson)

Hannes Kieberger


Bernhard Burger
“Quality is not negotiable.”

Bernhard Burger


Our approach


It’s all about the people

Our aim is to find the bits and pieces that make your product successful – the ones that can’t be found in any agile manifesto or other core principles of software development. Over the years, we’ve learned that it’s all about the people and that you have to understand people’s needs, the culture and their history.

Before we act we need to understand. To understand we need to listen.

Productwings’ approach is to get a deep understanding of our customers’ environment. Only by gathering and structuring all of the available information can we gain the necessary insight and knowledge that allow us to add value to an organization. In collaboration with our customers’ experts, we can then establish new structures and processes, always letting them take ownership. In the long run, Productwings acts as a coach, active counterpart and strategic advisor to constantly fine-tune our customers’ setup to ensure sustainable results and success.

Food for thought...